2D Artist

Turn your imagination into reality in three steps

Turn your imagination into reality in three steps

1 Sketch

The first step in my creative process is the sketch. In this stage, the I'll create quick drafts to capture the initial idea of the illustration. The objective of the sketch is to establish the composition, the main elements, and the pose of the characters.

2 Flat Colours

After completing the sketch, I'll move on to the stage of flat colors. In this phase, the main areas of the illustration begin to be filled with solid colors, without textures, or additional details. The objective is to establish the basic color palette of the illustration.

3 Render

The final is the render. In this phase, I'll add highlights, textures, and other refined details to the illustration. The objective is to give depth, realism, and life to the elements of the image. I'll use lighting and shading techniques to create volume and a sense of three-dimensionality.


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About Gudoki

Hello! I'm Gudoki, an artist who is fueled by boundless dreams and draws inspiration from the world around. My artistic journey is defined by an unyielding love for the craft, as I possess the remarkable skill to breathe life into ideas and create captivating digital illustrations.

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